Instantaneous Withdrawal Loan

An urgent loan with immediate payment shows that urgent money is needed. The reasons are many, from an overdrawn account to debt restructuring. Urgent bills and urgent purchases are also witnesses of a quick need for money. If the loan seeker turns to his house bank, he will quickly find out that there is no urgent loan with immediate payout. What goes fast with these banks is the establishment of a Dispo and is very expensive. So the emergency loans remain from the Internet. There the advertisement presents superfast loans at the latest the next day in the account. But what is really on the express loan with immediate payment?

The outlook

Loans from online banks are generally fast and easy to apply for loans. But despite the speed of this bank often the post office slows them abruptly. Why may some wonder? The loan application is fast. Within a few minutes, the form provided will be completed with the required data. Within a few minutes comes the quick preliminary loan commitment. From then on things are slower.

Of course, lenders who want to lend money check their customer’s creditworthiness. No bank will accept a verbal statement. For this reason, the bank’s credit checks must be submitted in writing. Often this is only possible by mail. Then there is the statutory Postident procedure – a legitimacy based on the identity card – This certificate must be sent by post. Even if the customer sends the documents by express, they will best be available in the late afternoon of the bank’s next day.

In order to check the urgent loan directly with immediate payment, a bank employee must do so, which then has time. So he will not be able to check the documents until the next day. Thus, the customer can assume that he must wait up to two or often three days until his money is credited to the account. But only if all documents were complete. If additional claims are made, the loan commitment is postponed.

For this it is important to know that the signature under the loan agreement must be signed in the original. An online signature has no legal validity. There are now some providers that bypass the Postident by offering a video ident. For this, the customer must have a webcam.

The loan application can be made around the clock. But to make the video ident must be a bank employee present. You can turn it around and apply as you like, who will apply for an urgent loan loan, but it will still take two to three days for the money to be transferred.

The conditions

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The urgent loan with immediate payment can not be applied for at any bank. There are only a handful of lenders that offer an emergency loan. 
Also, it should be mentioned that no bank lends money without having checked the creditworthiness of the customer. For this, no bank relies on the verbal statement of a customer. The creditworthiness must be proven in writing.

To do this, the bank needs pay slips or salary statements for the last three months. Bank statements from the same period. A copy of the employment contract or pension notice and some providers also require a household bill. This is nothing but a statement of income and expenditure, whereby the customer must also specify any loans or installments that may be payable. If he does not keep any liabilities, the bank will still see them in the private credit bureau query.

Untruthful information can therefore lead to a credit rejection. If the customer can provide other collateral, such as securities, a property or a life insurance loanable, then this evidence should also be presented. A second borrower or guarantor can increase the chances of a loan even if the income is insufficient or if a contract of employment is temporary.

If you are unemployed or receive Hartz IV, you will not receive an urgent loan with immediate payment, as the bank has to check comprehensive financial circumstances here. Here the customer should be able to submit his decision about his unemployment benefit or about Hartz IV remuneration.

Self-employed persons will not receive this kind of credit either. The income of this clientele is not stable enough for the banks. A self-employed person may earn well, but his monthly income is often very different so the bank can not pinpoint a true clue to income. A self-employed person must submit other loan documents than a normal borrower.

The conditions of the banks include the age of majority of a customer. His residence and current account should be in Germany. If you are under the age of majority, you may receive a credit with the signature of a legal guardian. This should only be included if there is a real need for money. By no means for consumer goods like the latest TV.

The credit comparison

In order to find a cheap provider who provides an urgent loan with immediate payment, it is advisable to make a credit comparison. The borrower will then not only see lenders offering an emergency loan, but also the terms and conditions. The displayed interest rate, which can be seen on the websites of the providers, is not relevant for all customers.

Only those who have a good credit rating will also receive a favorable interest rate. Important is the annual percentage rate, which includes all costs of a loan. The customer should still know that the express loan is slightly more expensive than a conventional installment loan. Urgent loans are actually processed according to the guidelines of a conventional installment loan. The consumer searching online for an immediate payment loan credit will find their way around the providers’ websites. This does not include any special Internet knowledge.

The credit for bad private credit bureau

The loan seeker with bad private credit bureau will not receive an express loan as promises in advertising. This form of credit is the business of credit agencies that know a number of banks and lenders who provide credit even with negative entries in the private credit bureau.

However, a little caution should apply when ordering. Because there are also black sheep under this occupational group, which only convey no credit. First, they collect their customers with pre-payments and dubious insurance contracts. The customer can then pay years for the insurance contributions he does not need.

But there are quite serious providers such as Crediteriol or Maxicredit just to name two, which convey quite serious private credit bureaufreie loans. The funds often come from abroad, mainly from Switzerland or Liechtenstein. These banks also require conditions that the customer must meet. Again, a sufficient income is required, which is above the attachment exemption limit.

Very important in this urgent loan with immediate payment private credit bureaufrei is that there is a permanent position, which must not be limited. The private credit bureau does not matter, the credit does not appear there either. However, the loan amount is manageable. There are three credit lines, 3,500 euros, 5,000 euros and 7,500 euros.

The small express loan

There is also the express loan with immediate payment as a mini loan. Here are provided up to 500 euros. However, the loan must be repaid within 30 days. 

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